Roofing | Containment & weather protection

Protection from the weather can be a requirement in any country whatever the time of year. With any business that has to work externally, there is no guarantee of continuous productivity unless measures are taken to protect against the elements.

Temporary roofing systems can provide a highly effective solution that can be quickly installed at virtually any location, and with an impressive array of sizes.

Productivity & safety

The lightweight aluminium beams within systems, are designed specifically for safe assembly and removal, and offer maximum resistance to leakage and the elements.

Whether you need to envelop the whole building, the roof or specific work areas, the temporary roofing offers a versatile solution to any project. From controlled temperature environments, encapsulation, buildings or workshops, or protection decks.

Safe systems of work are essential with all our equipment, and we can demonstrate that the temporary roofing is both much safer than traditional methods and can meet the more stringent requirements now expected from the latest safety guidance and leading construction clients.


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