Bordeaux Theatre France

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Description Bordeaux Theatre
Challenge 1,500-seat theatre building on a site with a restricted footprint and limited access

The new theatre in Bordeaux, France, is being built on a site surrounded by existing buildings. We were asked to provide a support system to carry formwork for the construction of a number of 6 ft wide, 7 ft high, 105 ft long in-situ concrete beams. These beams needed to span the stage area and also support a further 5 floors of apartments and office accommodation being built above. The girder systems supplied by us were to vary in length - with the longest being 30.90m - which needed to be lowered, relocated, and in some cases altered in length before work on the next beam could begin.

Working on behalf of Portuguese contractor BUILDIN, we were able to draw on our wealth of technical expertise and devise a bespoke H33 braced truss-girder system which was sufficiently flexible and reliable to satisfy this demand. The H33 beam system proved to be a faster, more cost-effective and practical solution than other alternatives which might have been used. However a severe lack of working space on the site meant that we also had to adapt the traditional methods used to construct such a system. We were able to partially dismantle the girders for transportation and deliver them to site. This also minimised the disruption to other trades that would have been caused by fabricating the units on the site itself. Lack of on site storage space meant that we had to adopt a just-in-time schedule for these deliveries and also co-ordinate this with special permission from the city authorities to operate extended length transport vehicles.


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